Why Us


Before newly sowed turfgrass can be made available for our customers, our fields undergo a two-week, 7-step process to eradicate all weeds and bad grasses. We call this the Mountainview Platinum Cropping Procedure and we’re the only local farm that goes to this extent on our entire operation to ensure that each of our grass varieties remain the dominant species growing on our turf.

Mountainview Turf - Why Us

From there, our in-house monitoring system ensures you receive a detailed outline of the exact colour, density and condition of turf before delivery. Even after installation we’ll check to see that our quality guarantee lives up to your expectations.

Tailor-blended seed chosen from a wide genetic base makes for highly resilient, drought tolerant surfaces that stand up to the wear and tear of any sport. Identify your field type and conditions to find out what grass will work best for you.