While talking to us about turf, why not place your golf accessory and turf tool orders with us as well? Mountainview is a proud distributor of Eagle One and Miltona products. Their entire lines of high quality and innovative solutions and add-ons can be sold as is or customized to suit your needs.

We’ve chosen these brands based on our own experiences and feedback from our trusted customers. The durability, design and competitive pricing of both industry leaders’ products have served us well over the years, now they can do the same for you. Anything we don’t have in stock can easily be made available in little time. Ask us for our recommendations today.

Professionals who demand the highest quality spreaders use Prizelawn Spreaders.  This year we are pleased to offer three commercial fertilizer spreaders, the Prizelawn CBR III and BF I HVO, and the Prizelawn ProClassic 36.

All three have a heavy duty design that provides increased walking clearance, less push effort and reduces operator fatigue.  The CBR III and BF I HVO come with a see-through cover to prevent accidental spillage of material and keep fertilizer dry.  The ProClassic is designed to apply a wide variety of turf products quickly and easily with unmatched accuracy.  The Owner’s Manuals for the specific spreaders are available below:
Prizelawn CBR III

Download pdf

Prizelawn BF I HVO

Prizelawn ProClassic 36
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